Sunday, October 13, 2013

The High Cost of Asking for Help

So now I have a few more things to say.

For one, I really appreciate all of my supportive friends who have donated & those who at least haven't judged me like I am a terrible person simply for selling my stuff online. God forbid I do that. God forbid I ask for help.

And to everyone who has 'advice' to give me, let me say a few things.
1.) I cannot get a part-time job without losing ALL of the pathetic funding I have.
2.) Even if I could get a part-time job for a few weeks it wouldn't cover my move
3.) If we sold everything we owned, we would have to replace it and that costs MORE than what we are selling it for; also, we have items that are irreplaceable.
4.) Everything that I own IS for sale already.
5.) No, I don't have any money because I only make $12,000 a year. Together Brad & I make $32,000 a year. That covers our bills BARELY.....
6.) It costs around $5000 to move 1000 miles away. And that is doing it yourself, which we are. If you haven't moved cross-country, shut your mouth. It isn't easy & it isn't cheap.
7.) Deposits exist: Electricity, pet, security, general deposits, administrative, etc. You have to have disposable CASH to pay most of those.
8.) And this only happened in August. I was under the impression I wasn't moving for another 2-3 years until my funding got cut. So before you judge me for not 'planning' consider the fact that I GOT SCREWED only a couple of months ago and have been doing EVERYTHING I CAN to 'plan' & 'pay' for these circumstances.
9.) I have worked my ass off & helped others my entire life. I shouldn't be judged when asking for the same in return.
10.) Consider all of these facts before you want to say shit to me. Please & Thanks!

And I also want to say that I have already lost (at least) 5 facebook friends since starting this campaign. People have bitched, complained, advised, & judged me. I have considered all the options. I am working odd jobs, buying nothing, selling everything, & doing everything I can. Got any helpful ideas? I would love to hear them, want to judge me for asking for help, PLEASE DELETE ME AND NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN.

I am not FORCING anyone to help me, I am only asking, and the fact that I feel the need to write a blog defending myself just goes to show that way too many people are complete dicks.

For  those of you who have helped me and/or not judged me? Thank you. You, kind sirs, are my REAL friends.

Last thing-Don't want to donate? THEN DON'T. It is that simple.

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