Thursday, November 7, 2013

Go Fund Me Questions?

Okay so many people have been asking questions about this fundraiser. I will answer them here.

First, I wanted to say thanks! It has slowed recently but overall has gone better than expected! We really appreciate it.

I also want to clarify, that is NOT just a website for which you donate money. WE ARE SELLING OUR STUFF. And, in selling our stuff WE ARE MOVING WITH A SMALLER TRUCK TO SAVE MONEY. Of course, you CAN just donate money but most people have contributed to RECEIVE something in return, which is great (which is called buying, not donating). That is what we WANT you to do. Due to the nature of this arrangement, however, NOTHING is pure 'profit' if you will. We have to pay for shipping of every item & when stuff gets lost or is heavy, sometimes we have paid more to send things than was even donated. In fact, to get $1500 of 'donations' we spent about $500 in shipping, etc. So, before you ask 'how come your goal is $5500?' PLEASE consider that.

Also, takes 5% off the top & they charge for each transaction. Whatever we get has that taken out as well. So while it may seem like a we have gotten a lot of money for 'free' IT HASN'T BEEN FREE and it has come at a price to us as well.

In addition to these considerations, I have to travel back & forth to North Carolina for job interviews, which costs $500 per trip. Please realize that this hurts our income as well.

So, before you judge us or complain, please just read this and THINK ABOUT what you are asking, implying, or saying about us.


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