Friday, March 25, 2016

Mail Order Meals-Home Chef

On our journey to find the best meal subscription box service for two my husband and I recently discovered, Home Chef. Since we used an introductory offer, the first box cost us $39 and it came with 4 meals of 2 servings each. I have since cooked some of the meals sent and will review my experience with Home Chef, below.

Bangers and Mash

From our dinner table.
This dish was delicious! This was Home Chef's answer to St. Patrick's Day theme meal and it was perfect. The Cheddar Mash potatoes were yummy. I would have changed nothing about this dish. My only complaint is that our goal, from this project, it to find the box that will help us eat healthier, try new things, and prevent us from eating out more than once a week. This dish was in no way healthy or new and exciting. I have always loved Bangers and Mash. Portions were generous and flavor was perfect. The demi glaze used to make the gravy was not enough to make a gravy as thick as I would've preferred but otherwise this was an excellent meal.

Korean Pork Medallions with Rice Vinegar Slaw

From our dinner table.
This dish was delicious! What I like about this dish is it was something new for us to try. Portions sizes were still generous without being way too much food and the calorie count was low. This encouraged my husband to eat a different type of slaw with his pork :) This meal was also very easy to make. We will keep this recipe to use again!

Seared Italian Sirloin Steak with Parmesan Polenta

From our dinner table.

This was a good dish. Polenta was perfect but steak was a sirloin so it was a cheap cut. My husband was happier with this meal than I was. The glaze was not nearly substantial enough to have any leftover sauce to top the steak with, so, the directions were misleading. The portion was not overwhelmingly large but it was filling. This was certainly not healthy. Home Chef has a lot of 'home cooked' sort of meals which may appeal to the average person very much but not as much to me, someone trying to eat healthier.

Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Breast with Cauliflower Mash and Garlic Kale

Their website photo. We have yet to cook this meal.
It will be a few more days until we get to eat this meal but I wanted to say that this was one of the meals included in the box.

Home Chef Rating:
+/- The lowest ingredient quality by far but still good food 4/10
+/- Delicious recipes but unoriginal 6/10
+ Cheapest box ($59/wk) with most flexibility for menu swapping and custom tastes 10/10
+ Potentially the most accessible to the average person 10/10
- High-calorie portions that don't help with portion control 1/10
Total Score (out of 50): 31/50


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  1. They look delicious! Thank you for the review! I might have to try this one myself.

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