Friday, March 25, 2016

Mail Order Meals-Blue Apron

On our journey to find the best meal subscription box service for two my husband and I recently discovered, Blue Apron. Since we used an introductory offer, the first box cost us $0 because a friend sent it to use and it came with 3 meals of 2 servings each. We also ordered and received a second box. I have since cooked all of the meals sent and will review my experience with Blue Apron, below.

Hominy & Poblano Pepper Pozole with Avocado and Crispy Tortilla Strips

This was yummy but it lacked a complex flavor profile
This was the very first meal I cooked from our free Blue Apron box. I was skeptical when I opened the box that it would be worth $60 a week in the future. It was not something my husband would want to try and it made about 4 servings. I really liked it but I'll admit it lacked something. I wish it was spicier but I liked the fact that learned was pozole was and that I liked hominy. I would happily make this again. Very filling, low calorie, good portion size for the calories. I was impressed by this meal and immediately hooked on Blue Apron.

Steaks au Poivre with Crispy Fingerling Potatoes & Sauteed Kale

This is their photo, I forgot to photograph ours.
This meal was amazing. It was perfect. I made kale in such a way that I got my husband to eat it and it was a filling, low calorie, healthy, meal. I would gladly order and eat this again. I'll admit peeling each potato was time consuming but the outcome was delicious! After I made this I was a customer for life.

Alsatian Spiced Chicken with Smashed Potatoes & Glazed Red Cabbage

This is their photo, I forgot to photograph ours.
This meal was amazing. I got my husband to eat cabbage with this one! Unique and filling I was thrilled to eat this one. This box was an awesome introduction to Blue Apron. Since we got another box from them, I'm reviewing it too-so this one will be a bit longer read.

Chicken Cacciatore with Fettuccine Pasta and Mushrooms

This is their photo, I forgot to photograph ours.
I'll admit with such a great start, this dish was a huge disappointment. It was basically just pasta, tomato sauce, chicken, and mushrooms. Nothing about it was unique, it wasn't that flavorful and it certainly wasn't low calorie. Had my second box been my first, I would not have kept going with Blue Apron. This box shows they are not perfect, but that is okay. It was still good enough, quick, and eatable. I'm hopeful we will never have to order this one again though.

Mushroom and Poblano Pepper Quesadillas with Monteray Jack Cheese and Avocado-Radish Salsa

This is their photo, I forgot to photograph ours.
This dish was delicious, but not husband friendly. My biggest issue with it was the fact that it was almost 800 calories and in no way is one 3.5 inch quesadilla an entire meal. Portion control is one thing but this was not two servings of anything and it was certainly NOT low calorie. Again, if the second box had been my first, I probably wouldn't have signed up!

Cuban Sandwiches with Sweet Plantain and Kale Salad

This is their photo, I forgot to photograph ours.
This dish would have been perfect if this bread was not terrible. The inside of the sandwich and the concept were excellent but they sent some of the worst bread I've ever tried to eat. It was so chewy and hard the entire sandwich was unenjoyable. The plantain and kale salad was epic and I got my husband to eat it too! I would not order this again just because of the bread but otherwise this meal was pretty good.
*****UPDATE: After complaining about the bread to customer service, they gave me $20 off my next order! Very good customer service!

                                Blue Apron Rating:
+ New, good, and unique recipes that are accessible to my husband (for the most part) 10/10
+ Low price at $60/wk 10/10
- Not always perfect choices, but more good than bad 6/10
- Portions are generous but not too big, usually 8/10
+ Good for calorie restrictive diets 10/10
Total Score (out of 50): 44/50



  1. I guess, if anything, at least these boxes have helped you to get your husband to expand his palette a little more. :)

    1. Pretty much. Just for that it's worth it!