Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Natural Deodorant

I am trying to avoid using regular deodorant. Aluminum has been linked the Alzheimer's Disease & Breast Cancer. Especially for women who don't have underarm hair to protect them and the close proximity of aluminum antiperspirants to breast tissue. Here has been my experience thus far:

Tom's Apricot - Smells good but is DEODORANT not and antiperspirant. It does not prevent you from sweating. I used it two days in a row. Both times I had horrible heat rash and it took 3 days to recover from. I would NOT recommend using this product, it was completely ineffective.

Nature's Gate Herbal Blend - Lavender & Aloe - Smells good and is also deodorant, not antiperspirant. It does not cause heat rash or prevent odor and is less ineffective but still not ideal.

Crystal - This is a solid, hard, stick that you must put on right out of the shower when your pits are still wet OR add water to the stick before use. I used this today. It works! Now, it does contain Ammonium Aluminum, which is not harmful (supposedly). I will continue using this as it seems pretty good although I am still interested in trying to make my own.

Conclusions: Try crystal or homemade. Avoid Tom's. Nature's Gate is okay.

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