Saturday, May 25, 2013

Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes

So, I have always had issues drinking milk, even when I was a child. Now, I don't like the taste of sugar or milk. But, anyway, the point is I have been drinking soy milk, almond milk, & coconut milk for over a decade now. I am going to write my reviews here.

Milks to avoid:

This may be So Delicious Brand but let me tell you-it is so disgusting. I never would have tried this milk were it not out of desperation because in Lafayette, LA, stores cannot seem ORDER MORE of items that run out EVERY WEEK. (I am definitely a bit bitter about this having been a retail worker for 10+ years). If you always run out-ORDER MORE-it is so SIMPLE. But, anyway, this 'coconut milk beverage' literally tastes JUST LIKE WATER and it made my usually pleasant superfood grass in the morning terrible. I stomached it for 3 days and then poured it out. It is just terrible.

Soy milk is never good. I mean, before almond milk I had convinced myself that soy milk was good. But it isn't. It just isn't that good. Original flavors always taste like cardboard and vanilla is just merely acceptable.

This may be a but paranoid sounding but any 'milk' product that doesn't require refrigeration just freaks me out. I like things with expiration dates. I fear that without those expiration dates come exponentially increasing numbers of preservatives. This is totally unsubstantiated but it is only my opinion so I am allowed to blog about it. Haha.

Milks that are okay:

Okay, in desperation I tried this too. I actually tried the unsweetened one. I have also had the dark chocolate one. The dark chocolate one is divine (but 120 calories/8 oz.) but the original is only alright. It has a flavor and it is drinkable, but not the best. If you cannot find the best (which I will reveal in the end) then getting this is an option-just not the best option.

Have you ever tried this? It is definitely delicious, however, it is not particular good for you. It is very high calorie (130 calories/8 oz.) and high sugar. It is mainly sugar, water, and soy milk. It may be good if you need the calories or the protein but you are really better off having real juice and better milk.

 Rice milk is okay. It doesn't thrill or disgust me. Almond milk will always be my baby. Rice milk is also a bit higher calorie for less flavor.

Flax milk sounds absolutely disgusting. I never would have ever purchased it ever based on the name. I got to sample it the other day at the grocery store and I was impressed in that it didn't taste like complete garbage, however, it isn't amazing.

The best milk EVER:

This milk is so rare it had to scroll Google to get a good picture of it. Target sells out of it EVERY FUCKING WEEK. Drug Emporium sells out of it EVERY FUCKING WEEK. Rouses' Market refuses to carry it and Albertson's has the world's worst selection of everything always so it BREAKS MY TINY HEART when I can't have this amazing milk. To me, this is the holy grail of non-dairy milk. This exact one. The lower calorie vanilla version is okay. I have never tried the sweetened versions. But this is DELICIOUS. It makes my green superfood taste ah-mazing.  I had to go to 3 grocery stores this week just to find it, there were only 4 left and I BOUGHT THEM ALL. Because it is THAT GOOD. Now, if you usually like that gross lactose-like milk flavor milk has, you may not like this because it just tastes like delicious almonds and coconuts, but I think it is the bees knees. So, if you want good milk that is lactose-free-this is the way to go.

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  1. Shelf stable milk is AWESOME to have around in case of power outages, especially when you have kids. Or for those, "Oh shit I forgot to get milk on the way home" moments. And they do have expiration dates so far as I've seen. I wouldn't worry about it - I've heard people in European countries rarely refrigerate their milk. Even breast milk is "shelf stable" for at least 8 hours...