Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mail Order Meals-Hungryroot

On our journey to find the best meal subscription box service for two my husband and I recently discovered Hungryroot. The first box cost us $32 and it came with  4 meals, 3 desserts, and two breakfasts. I have since cooked all of the meals sent and will review my experience with Hungryroot, below.

Coconut Chia Seed Carrot Cake Pudding

From their web
This was gross. The flavor was okay but the texture was terrible. And I love chia breakfast oatmeal but not this. Just no.

Black Bean Brownies

From their website
These are chewy and amazing. Taste just like the real thing. My husband and I love them! We've already bought more! If you like harder brownies though these might not be for you!

Almond Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just the dough, from the website
These are alright. A little too much like hardened dough. You can taste the chickpea and that isn't great. Will not buy again.

Sweet Potato Chicken Cashew Alfredo

From their website

For our first box we paid an extra $2 to add chicken. It is NOT worth it. Just buy a chicken breast and cook some yourself. This dish ROCKS! We have bought it again. My husband loves it too! What is great about all of their meals is that they can be cooked in 7 minutes or less AND they are all gluten-free and 500 calories or less. I would HIGHLY recommend Hungryroot to anyone else. Another thing I like about Hungryroot is the abundance of coupon codes, the regularly low prices, and the fact that you don't have to tie yourself down to a subscription.

Tangy Carrot Sriracha

From their website
This is my FAVORITE! Totally delicious and filling. With a small amount of protein though you do get hungry soon after. Pickled onions add a lot to this dish. We've bought it again and will continue to buy it!

Celery Root Noodles with Basil Gremolata

From their website
This dish tasted just like a giant bowl of celery. It even contaminated the chicken bites. Gross. Just no.

Sweet Potato Cacao Mousse

From their website
This stuff is AMAZEBALLS. Holy crap. Tastes AMAZING and it dairy-free! Would SO buy again. Only 111 calories per serving as well! 

Carrot Cake Bites

From their website
AMAZING! My husband even likes them and he doesn't like carrot cake. Also dairy-free and DELICIOUS. Will most definitely purchase again.

Beet Noodles with Savory Thai Sesame and Chicken

From our kitchen
This dish was pretty good but 2/3 of the way through the dish, I got tired of eating beets. The flavor becomes tiresome after a while. Will probably not purchase again.

Cauliflower Couscous

From our kitchen
This dish was okay at best. A lot of food for only 121 calories but I don't like cauliflower enough to like this dish. Will not get again.

Hungryroot is unique with their gluten free, dairy-free, vegetable-based, low prices, non-subscription, creative, and quick meals. I also like that the meals are for one person, not two, so I can eat something different from my husband. Everything is fresh without having a ton of preservatives. You can use coupon codes of every order! I LOVE HUNGRYROOT. I do hope that their menu cycles/grows, however, because I do feel it may become boring after a while.

Hungryroot Rating:

New and innovative flavors/recipes: 10/10
Healthy, low-calorie, & delicious: 10/10
Accessible to everyone, including my husband: 10/10
Lowest prices out their compared to all similar boxes $7/portion: 10/10
Delicious desserts: 10/10
Overall Rating: 50/50


***Google coupon codes before you order, they are always available but forever changing!

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