Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mail Order Meals-PeachDish

On our journey to find the best meal subscription box service for two my husband and I recently discovered Peach Dish. The first box cost us $48 and it came with 2 meals of 2 servings each. I have since cooked all of the meals sent and will review my experience with Peach Dish, below.

Tangy Pork Burger with Roasted Root Vegetables

From Their Website
This dish was excellent! The root vegetables were rutabaga, carrots, and white turnips. The slaw was made of those same veggies and placed onto the burger. Absolutely delicious! Keeping recipe to try again. My only complaint was portion size. The entire meal for two consisted of 3/4 a ground pork, 1 rutabaga, 2 carrots, and 1 turnip for TWO MEALS. It was not two meals, but it was very good!

Virginia Smothered Chicken with Grits and Celery Salad

From our kitchen
This dish was good and had a much larger portion, however, we had to add cheese to the relatively tasteless grits. Celery salad was not for my husband and honestly, I only thought it okay. The chicken was good but not epic. There wasn't enough thickness to the gravy so chicken came out smothered in onions more than gravy which wasn't too great. I will not make this again but it was nice to try something different (celery salad being different for us!)

Peach Dish locally sources all of their stuff which is cool. They also send dessert with every box. We got two clementines and two yummy cookies. That was a nice touch, but not worth the cost.

PeachDish Rating:

Price is outrageous at $48 for only two meals: 0/10
Portions not large enough for one of the meals: 5/10
Different recipes but not healthy and not always good: 6/10
Not nearly as 'Southern' as advertised: 7/10
Very high quality products: 10/10
Overall rating: 28/50


***Coupon codes are useless because shipping costs cancel out any discounts and there is a minimum for free shipping. No way to try this one for a great price.

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