Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mail Order Meals-Purple Carrot

On our journey to find the best meal subscription box service for two my husband and I recently discovered Purple Carrot. Since we used an introductory offer, the first box cost us $48 and it came with 3 meals of 2 servings each. I have since cooked all of the meals sent and will review my experience with Purple Carrot, below.

'Fried Pearls:' roasted pearl couscous with shitake mushrooms, tofu, scallions, celery, carrots, pine nuts, & chili paste.

From our kitchen table.
This dish was extremely good. A great start for purple carrot. All of their recipes are vegan which also rocks. However, I had to make a special version with half the ingredients missing for my husband and cook chicken to add to it. Were it me alone, I could eat this more often, but being as it isn't, long-term this can't be a plausible option. 

Spanish Tortilla with Garlicky Escarole

From their website
This dish was terrible. The 'tortilla' was SUPER bland and escarole is gross. We even tried to make it into a Caesar salad instead of wilted lettuce and it just was awful. Could not finish it. Terrible!

Carrot-Tomato-Basil Linguine

From our kitchen.
This dish was okay at best. Very pretty, healthy, but pretty bland. It was actually better the next day with the addition of a fried egg and chili paste. Purple Carrot really needs to utilize herbs and spice more effectively to grab me as a customer. I like my food to HAVE FLAVOR and for the most part, Purple Carrot dishes have not had enough.

Purple Carrot Rating:

All Plant-Based: 10/10
Reasonably Priced at $68 a week but not the cheapest: 8/10
Menu largely inaccessible to my husband: 2/10
Lacked flavor: 1/10
Make me appreciate shitake mushrooms: 10/10
Overall rating: 31/50


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